Welcome to the New Jersey Chapter of the National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials' (NJNAHRO) website. 

In light of budget cuts and reduction in funding for affordable housing programs, at the Federal, State, and local levels, we find ourselves in challenging times.

It is in these difficult times that every voice matters.  Residents of all communities throughout this great State and members of this organization must continue to stand together to recognize and support the growing needs of seniors, veterans, and all other members of families that are in desperate need of safe, decent affordable housing.

Too often, the public does not realize the ongoing commitment and dedication agencies throughout the State of New Jersey have made in their communities in an effort to provide individuals and and families in need with affordable housing.

This website not only allows us to highlight some of the positive and vital work revolving around the 100,000 units of affordable housing that our members currently manage, but it also provides an opportunity for the voices of all residents of every town, city, and community to be heard.  I urge you to continue to send your articles and photos of the programs and projects that exist in your communities throughout New Jersey. 

The bylaws of this organization reference words like facilitate, cooperate, and coordinate.  It is during these challenging economic times that these actions become essential.  With over 80 agency members and some 600+ individual members, NJNAHRO possesses a wide variety of diversified backgrounds and individual expertise.  It is our perpetual goal to pool this array of talent to continue our efforts to try and improve the lives of the families we serve and to make improvements to this organization, its programs, and its overall operation.  It is also vital that this organization continue to improve our efforts to enhance our professional development by stressing the importance of the voices of each individual member of this organization and by reaching out to other organizations in the State to work together to reach our common goals. 

I am proud to say the we continue to be the premier providers of affordable housing in New Jersey and that our organization continues to make improvements within the various programs revolved assisting families in need throughout the state. We are also the major provider of training to our local Housing Authorities.

I hope you find this website positive, informative, and indicative of the unequivocal work we do to create, provide and maintain affordable housing in New Jersey.  If you have any questions or comments, please fee free to email our Service Officer (Bill Snyder) at 

Thank you. 


Victor Cirilo

President, NJNAHRO