Agency Membership is open to any Housing/Redevelopment Authority that is an agency member in good standing of the National Association of Housing Redevelopment Officials (NAHRO). Separate dues are paid directly by NJNAHRO members on an annual basis in the amount of $175.00 per year.  Click HERE for an Agency Membership Form

 Affiliate Membership is open to any agency or individual that is not a member of NAHRO.  Affiliate members are entitled to all benefits of the agency member with the exception that they are not entitled to hold NJNAHRO office or vote in any election.  The annual fee for Affiliate members is $200.00. Click HERE for an Affiliate Membership form.

 Vendor Membership is open to all vendors doing or desiring to do business with agency members.  Vendors will receive the benefits as outlined in the Vendor Opportunities Packet. Various packages are available to vendors for an annual membership fee of $350.00.  Click HERE for a Vendor Membership form.


  VENDOR OPPORTUNITIES-NJNAHRO has various opportunities for our vendors to participate and sponsor NJNAHRO events.  Click HERE to access our vendor opportunities page.









For more information contact:


William F. Snyder

Service Officer


8 Marin Lane 

Manahawkin, New Jersey 08050