New Jersey has 105 separate Authorities and Agencies administering housing assistance through the public housing and Housing Choice Voucher Programs and 702 Associates members.  There are 97 Housing Authorities established under the requirements of the New Jersey Redevelopment and Housing Law.

There are approximately 69,157 Housing Choice Vouchers and 41,741 public housing units  being administered by these public entities in New Jersey.  Approximately 60,000 affordable housing units have been completed by private developers and nonprofits through the requirements of the New Jersey Council on Affordable Housing (COAH).

There are several hundred thousand New Jersey residents that are being subsidized, in New Jersey, via these federal programs.  The largest public housing Authority is Newark, followed by Jersey City, Camden, Paterson, and Elizabeth.  The New Jersey Department of Community Affairs administered the largest number of Housing Choice Vouchers at 21,131.  The next largest programs are Newark, Jersey City, Bergen County and Gloucester County.

The two smallest Housing Authorities each have a 50 unit public housing project.  The smallest Housing Choice Voucher program has 25 vouchers.

New Jersey has 3,526,453 housing units counted during the last census.  There were 129,969,653 total housing units in the United states.  New Jersey had the 10th highest number of units.  

NJNAHRO is a chapter of the National Association of Housing & Redevelopment Officials (NAHRO) trade association which is based in Washington, DC.